VIVA PALESTINA! AID CONVOY from BRITAIN to GAZA “Calling at all stops from France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and through Rafah and into Gaza.”

Video:  The Free Gaza Movement, February 2009

Steadfast Before Goliath By Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi When I am asked about Palestinian identity, one idea keeps coming to mind. I was told it would be translated into English as “steadfastness.” I looked up what a steadfast person would be like and the dictionary says, “One marked by firm determination or resolution–not shakable–of firm convictions and strong resolve. A man of unbendable perseverance and unwavering loyalty.”  read more at The Nation

Israel’s Lies by Henry Siegman Western governments and most of the Western media have accepted a number of Israeli claims justifying the military assault on Gaza: that Hamas consistently violated the six-month truce that Israel observed and then refused to extend it; that Israel therefore had no choice but to destroy Hamas’s capacity to launch missiles into Israeli towns; that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, part of a global jihadi network; and that Israel has acted not only in its own defence but on behalf of an international struggle by Western democracies against this network.  read more at the London Review of Books


Sir Gerald Kaufmann: \”My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.

Electronic Intifada Photostory: WORLD DEMONSTRATES FOR GAZA

(GAZA, 9 December 2008) – The Free Gaza Movement ship “Dignity”
successfully broke through the Israeli blockade for the fourth time
since August, arriving in Gaza Port at 2:45pm, Tuesday 9 December. The
ship carried one ton of medical supplies and high-protein baby formula,
in addition to a delegation of international academics, humanitarian and
human rights workers. Three earlier missions made landfall in Gaza in
August, October, and November through the power of non-violent direct
action and civil resistance. The Free Gaza ships are the first
international ships to reach the Gaza Strip in over 41 years.