By Popular Resistance.


Since the Nakba in 1947, Israel has displaced, brutalized and murdered Palestinians. The United States is Israel’s biggest supporter and regularly provides cover for the crimes committed by Israel.

  • The US gives more money to Israel than to any other country, almost $135 billion since 1946. The last Memorandum of Understanding with Israel, signed by President Obama, gives a record $38 billion over ten years.
  • The United States and Israel consistently vote as a bloc in the United Nations to oppose recognition of Palestine and to prevent criticism of Israel’s actions. During the six weeks of peaceful actions by Palestinians starting in March to demand their Right of Return, the United States tried to block a UN resolution calling on Israel to show constraint instead of injuring and murdering Palestinians, including children, reporters and medics. Fortunately, the resolution passed without the US in June.

For these reasons, residents of the United States have a responsibility to demand that Israel is held accountable for its war crimes.

To that end, a letter is being circulated for individuals, political parties and organizations to sign calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Israel for its crimes against Palestinians. The letter, written by the Peace Action and International committees of the Green Party U.S., is being circulated globally for signatures. A delegation will deliver the letter in person to the ICC in November.

Women of a Certain Age has signed on to the letter, as a group and as individuals.  Here’s the link.

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